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Power Maxed Premium Microfibre Cloths (3 pack) – 40cm x 40cm

Power Maxed Premium Microfibre Cloths (3 pack) – 40cm x 40cm

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Power Maxed Premium Microfibre Cloths (3 pack) – 40cm x 40cm

The Power Maxed Premium Microfibre Cloth is perfect for removing streaks and for the final detailing touches on your car.

Discover the ultimate solution for achieving professional detailing results with ease using our Power Maxed Premium Microfibre Cloths. This 3-pack of cloths, each measuring 40cm x 40cm, is meticulously crafted to provide superior performance and durability for all your car care needs.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect for Final Wipe-Downs: Ideal for that final wipe-down and quick detailing, these cloths ensure a flawless finish without leaving any scratches behind.
  • Professional Detailing: Designed to leave your vehicle with a professional detail, these thick microfibre cloths reduce workload and deliver outstanding results.
  • Double-Sided Pile: Developed with a double-sided pile, these cloths safely dry your vehicle with ease, making the drying process quick and efficient.
  • Highly Absorbent: With their highly absorbent properties, these cloths effortlessly attract and lift dirt, dust, and grease, leaving your vehicle’s surfaces spotless and gleaming.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both external and internal use, these cloths can be used on car paintwork to remove water streaks, as well as for cleaning windows, mirrors, and interiors.
  • Do Not Use Fabric Softener: Maintain their effectiveness by avoiding fabric softener, ensuring they retain their superior cleaning ability.
  • Size: Each cloth measures 40cm x 40cm, providing ample coverage for various detailing tasks.
  • Pack Size: This pack includes 3 cloths, offering convenience and value for money.
  • GSM (Grams per Square Meter): With a weight of 340 gsm, these cloths offer superior absorbency and durability, ensuring they withstand rigorous use.

Perfect For:

  • Quick detailing and final wipe-downs
  • Achieving professional detailing results
  • Safely drying your vehicle’s surfaces
  • Removing dirt, dust, and grease from all car surfaces
  • Both external and internal car cleaning tasks

Upgrade your car care routine with the Power Maxed Premium Microfibre Cloths. With their exceptional quality, high absorbency, and versatile use, these cloths are essential for achieving professional detailing results every time.

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