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Poorboys World

Poorboys White Diamond Glaze

Poorboys White Diamond Glaze

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473ml (16oz)

  White Diamond is an easy on / easy off glaze for lighter coloured vehicles. White Diamond helps bring out the most from light colours and helps to hide light swirls, scratches and paint imperfections. White Diamond is designed for detailers, enthusiasts and show car owners who want the best, deepest, & wettest shine available. Poorboy?s World White Diamond Show Glaze for Light Vehicles contains gentle cleaners to lift dirt and oil out of fine swirls. By cleaning the swirls, they appear less noticeable. Fillers then conceal the swirls to create the illusion of perfectly smooth paint. Once a wax or sealant is applied, your vehicle will look flawless! White Diamond can be applied as often as needed and can be topped with waxes or sealants, or just left alone for show vehicles. White Diamond can be applied by hand or machine.    
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