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Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice Low on Eau Rinseless Wash

Dodo Juice Low on Eau Rinseless Wash

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Low On Eau Rinseless Wash 500ML

Dodo Juice Low on Eau Rinseless Wash is exactly that .... Dodo Juice's rinseless wash, in other words, you dont need to rinse your car after application. Just wash a panel and dry/buff it to a high shine with a soft cloth. The lubricants in Low on Eau help prevent dirt from scratching your car and leave behind a glossy and water repellent finish that could sheet for weeks. But remember it doesnt foam (foam carries dirt and needs rinsing) and it isnt suitable for heavier soiling. Perfect for beating the water charges and hosepipe bans or for using at showgrounds with limited facilities if you need to prep your car for a show and shine competition.
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