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Power Maxed

Power Maxed Ultra Finishing Polish - 500ml

Power Maxed Ultra Finishing Polish - 500ml

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Power Maxed Ultra Finishing Polish

Ultra Finishing Polish has a unique formula containing PTFE to leave a very smooth, deep, glossy glaze and an ultra finish shine to leave your paintwork turning heads.

Power Maxed Ultra Finishing Polish – Elevate Your Paintwork to Perfection

Unleash the brilliance of your vehicle’s paintwork with Power Maxed Ultra Finishing Polish, a revolutionary formula enriched with PTFE to impart a smooth, deep, and captivating glossy glaze. This ultra-finishing polish ensures your paintwork stands out, turning heads with its lustrous shine and unparalleled finish.

Key Features:

  1. PTFE Infusion: The unique formula incorporates PTFE, creating a luxurious and ultra-smooth glaze that enhances the depth and glossiness of your paintwork.
  2. Layerable Brilliance: Power Maxed Ultra Finishing Polish is designed for versatility. Layer it to build up additional gloss and protection, providing you the flexibility to customize the level of shine according to your preferences.
  3. Perfect Base for Further Protection: This finishing polish serves as an ideal foundation for additional layers of wax or sealant protection, elevating the depth of shine and fortifying your paintwork against the elements.
  4. Effortless Buffing: Experience a hassle-free detailing process with the Ultra Finishing Polish. Effortless buffing ensures a seamless application, and there’s no need to worry about unsightly white dust.
  5. Deep, Wet, Glossy Finish: Achieve a show-stopping finish with a deep, wet, and glossy appearance that reflects the meticulous care you put into your vehicle.

Make Power Maxed Ultra Finishing Polish the final touch in your detailing arsenal, providing your vehicle with a finish that goes beyond ordinary. Elevate your paintwork to perfection, creating a stunning visual impact. Order now and unveil the captivating shine that sets your vehicle apart from the rest.


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