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Collinite No 845 Insulator Wax 473ml

Collinite No 845 Insulator Wax 473ml

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Collinite No 845 Insulator Wax (473ml)
Carnauba-Polymer Hybrid Paint Sealant combines ease of use, high gloss shine and legendary durability. Long-lasting results have never been easier.

Collinite Insulator Wax No. 845 is a liquid carnauba wax that will keep your car protected like a sealant with the shine of a rich carnauba wax! This product has long been one of the best selling Collinite products simply because people love these incredible results with a remarkably easy to use formula. Apply No. 845 to the paint with an applicator by hand or with a soft pad and your buffer, you’ll instantly notice how easy it spreads. Once it starts to haze, usually about 15 minutes later, buff off the excess product with your favorite microfiber towel. It will leave behind an amazing amount of gloss behind so the paint will look like it is dripping wet!

No. 845 can be used on various surfaces like the paint, exterior gel coat, fiberglass, clear coat, single stage paints, lacquer paints, highly finished wood, most metals including chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Just avoid rubber, black trim, vinyl, glass or non-painted plastic. This versatile product has so much protection there is no need to reapply it every few weeks. This wax will last months, not days or weeks! The protection will help repel moisture, rain, pollution, sun, salt, bugs, and more from all of these surfaces.

While we recommend using this product anytime of year Collinite No. 845 protects so well that it can be considered a great “winter wax”. If you live anywhere near harsh winter conditions then this wax is exactly what you are looking for. Just like all of the Collinite products No. 845 is hand poured and hand crafted in the USA! If you are looking for an easy to apply liquid wax that can protect like a sealant then the Collinite Insulator Wax No. 845 is for you

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