Mirror Image Product Review: Poorboys World SSR2.5

Our product reviews are carried out by independent Detailer, Robbie Kilmartin, owner & proprietor at Mirror Image Detailing. His opinions are his own and not necessarily those of Detailing Emporium. We provide the products either at cost or free of charge and they get used in the day to day operations at Mirror Image Detailing. Robbie gives us a warts-and-all honest appraisal of the product…if its great, he’ll tell you why, if it’s not up to scratch, you’ll hear about that too!

Poorboys World SSR 2.5 Super Swirl Remover Review

The majority of detailer’s like to try out new products and i’m no different, so when my “go to” compound was used up i thought id try out the Poorboys world SSR 2.5.

to start with its well under half the price of my usual haunt at an incredibly reasonable €16.95.

This is designed to remove moderate enough damage, and the damage caused by bad washing, swirls and random deep scratches,

My first thought was it cuts fine (good) but was leaving bad holograming (not good), so after adjusting my buffer pad and speed it reduced it considerably but with any abrasive cutting on your paint work holograms are part of a process, so id advise to use the SSR 1 as well as the SSR2.5 (which is the same price!) afterwards to remove the holograming left by this stage…which is also what Poorboys recommend themselves. it was also virtually dustless and very easy to remove which saves time.

So to sum it up in direct comparison to the carpro clearCUT its massively cheaper, cuts on par with it but lacks in the finishing as clearCUT doesn’t hologram and can be worked a bit longer.

Would i keep this in my kit bag? The more I used it the more I liked it so yes I think I would keep a bottle handy!

Robbie Kilmartin

Mirror Image Detailing

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