Mirror Image Product Review: Collinite 850 Metal Wax

Our product reviews are carried out by independent Detailer, Robbie Kilmartin, owner & proprietor at Mirror Image Detailing. His opinions are his own and not necessarily those of Detailing Emporium. We provide the products either at cost or free of charge and they get used in the day to day operations at Mirror Image Detailing. Robbie gives us a warts-and-all honest appraisal of the product…if its great, he’ll tell you why, if it’s not up to scratch, you’ll hear about that too!

Collinite 850 Metal Wax Quick Review

Metal polishing: you either love it or hate it but there is no denying that satisfying feeling seeing your reflection in brightwork after polishing it from a dull and tarnished state.

I tried Collinite 850 Metal Wax on a set of polished wheels just to remove some water marks and it did it with ease and didn’t haze the surface with just a light working that you would get with a few other polishes. Collinite 850 is an all in 1 metal polish and wax  It was very familiar to use, what I like is there is very little odour off it, it does seem like it might not be the heaviest of cut, in fact, it says on the bottle, medium cut so don’t expect it to work super quick on the heaviest of tarnishing.

That said, as you can see with my exhaust tips (below) I was really testing it out, and with the minimal of product on a microfiber cloth, working it in turning the cloth regularly and buffing off with a fresh cloth to check progress you can see the difference it has made, it was very easy to use with very little dust. Another benefit over a standalone metal polish is that this will protect the surface as well. You can actually add a last step wax  such as Collinite 845 as well if you want extra protection. Overall it’s a good product and I’m happy to have it in my toolkit!

 19.95 Inc Vat
 22.95 Inc Vat

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