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Enthusiasts who want the very best for their vehicle may not be aware of the fact that, car washing and car detailing are not really the same thing. The phrase ‘Detailing’ has become a catch-all term for the whole process of meticulously cleaning your car but For those who want a spotlessly clean and shining vehicle, it’s a good idea to understand the distinction between these two car maintenance processes.

We’ve covered the process of washing your car in our detailed 12 step guide to washing your car. We’ve also covered pre washing and snow foam, claying,polishing, fallout removal and waxing in other guides so be sure to check them out – hopefully there’s some useful info in there that will help you get better results and improve your car maintenance processes.

What Car Detailing Products Does a Beginner Need?

To get very the best results you’re going to need a range of products, each one with a specific job to do. Car detailing is comprised of a number of crucial steps and each of those requires a separate set of detailing products. Vacuuming, leather cleaning, vinyl care, steam-cleaning, claying, de-tarring, fallout removing etc, are to mention just a few. Detailing Emporium offers a series of the best in quality products – products that we use ourselves on our own vehicles, not just the popular brands. But before you go out and buy one of every single product known to man, here’s a short list of what we think should form your detailers essential kit.

The Essentials…..

  • Bilt Hamber Auto Wash / Autoglym Polar Blast
  • Dodo Juice Captain Canoodle Wash Mitt
  • Grit Guard 2 Bucket Wash System
  • Autoglym Polar Wash
  • Bilt Hamber PH neutral Alloy Wheel Cleaner
  • Mammoth Clay Bar Twin Pack
  • Mothers Microfiber Polishing Pads Twin Pack
  • Autoglym Super Resin Polish
  • Collinite No 845 Insulator wax
  • Detailing Emporium Blue Microfibers Towels
  • Gnarly Auto’s Professional Microfiber Towels

While this might seem like a lot of gear (and we haven’t even covered interior products, glass, tyres, trim and more!) These products (or your preferred equivalents) should form the basis of your detailing tool kit. A potentially cheaper alternative to buying individual components would be to look for a kit which contains a lot of the products you want, so once you know what tasks you want to perform, you can then start exploring the various kits available. The Poorboys World Large Christmas kit is a good example – it doesn’t contain everything but is a convenient starter kit to build from.

Poorboys World Large Christmas Kit

The product comes with:

  • Super Slick and Wax Shampoo 473ml
  • Black Hole Glaze 473ml
  • Nattys Blue Carnauba Paste Wax 236ml
  • Spray and Gloss Quick Detailer 473ml
  • Blue Buffing Towel x 2
  • Wax Applicator x2

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