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Get the Best Choice for New Car Finishing Products Online

Car Finishing

So, are you done with the car cleaning process? If the answer is yes then you should also opt for a perfect car finishing. If it’s no, then also you need to read on for gathering knowing about how to make your car look stylish and class-apart. Now, coming back to the car cleaning and […]

A Day in The Life Of a Professional Detailer: Valeting With Mirror Image Detailing

Valeting With Mirror Image Detailing

The process of getting your car valeted is not one most people know anything about…all we all know is that the car goes in dirty and it comes out clean! But what goes on behind the scenes? We’re going to take you on a little day trip and show you guys just how much time […]

Mirror Image Product Review: Poorboys World SSR2.5

Our product reviews are carried out by independent Detailer, Robbie Kilmartin, owner & proprietor at Mirror Image Detailing. His opinions are his own and not necessarily those of Detailing Emporium. We provide the products either at cost or free of charge and they get used in the day to day operations at Mirror Image Detailing. […]

Detailing Emporium: Offering the Best Car Detailing Products Online

car detailing products

Enthusiasts who want the very best for their vehicle may not be aware of the fact that, car washing and car detailing are not really the same thing. The phrase ‘Detailing’ has become a catch-all term for the whole process of meticulously cleaning your car but For those who want a spotlessly clean and shining […]

How to Wax Your Car: The Basics..

how to wax your car

So, you’ve put in the hours of hard work, pre-washing, washing, claying, removing fallout, cleaning and polishing…..finally it’s time for wax! Waxing your car will give the paint a deep gloss shine and will protect all the hard work you put into the preparation and polishing stages.   If you apply wax over swirled, scratched […]

Detailing Emporium to Support Irish Honda Group


We’re delighted to announce we’ve joined forces with Ireland’s largest Honda owners group and will be bringing exclusive offers and discounts to Honda group members. As well as an ‘always on’ discount we’ll have special pricing on some products that are especially suited to Honda’s and other JDM cars such as headlight lens restoring kits […]

Detailing Emporium Appointed Sole Irish Distributor For Collinite Automotive Detailing Products

Collinite distributor in ireland

We’re delighted to announce that Detailing Emporium Ltd have been appointed as the sole distributor in Ireland for Collinite automotive detailing products. We will be stocking the entire automotive range and will en devour to always have every item on the shelf, ready for same day dispatch to Ireland, the UK and Europe. For trade […]

Collinite Detailing Products FAQ

collinite ireland detailing products faq

The way Collinite have chosen to name and market their detailing products for over 75 years doesn’t really help you identify what each product’s purpose is, if you’re new to the brand …it’s one of those ‘you just know’ kinda things! If you’ve landed here and it’s not because of a personal recommendation from one […]

Detailing Emporium Sponsor Mazda MX5 Club

detailing emporium sponsor mazda mx5 group ireland

We’re delighted to announce we’ve joined forces with Ireland’s largest MX5 group and will be bringing exclusive offers and discounts to MX5 facebook group members. As well as an ‘always on’ discount we’ll have special pricing on MX specific products such as soft top cleaner, headlight lens restoring kits & more. We’re big fans of […]

How To Polish Your Car: The Most Misunderstood Aspect of Car Detailing

How to polish your car

Newcomers to the detailing world are often under the misapprehension that waxing your car is what makes it shine, but that’s not quite the case. It’s polishing your car that actually sorts out issues in the paint, removes scratches, brightens up dull or faded paintwork, gets rid of swirl marks, oxidation and other contaminants and […]

Collinite Detailing Products Selector Guide

collinite ireland car detailing products

Here at Detailing Emporium we’re extremely proud to be Ireland’s sole distributor of Collinite detailing products. Collinite has been around since 1936 and they take a very different approach to their products and their marketing. Collinite’s range is extremely small with only 6 products on the Automotive side (they also do a small range of […]