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Detailing Emporium: Offering the Best Car Detailing Products Online

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Enthusiasts who want the very best for their vehicle may not be aware of the fact that, car washing and car detailing are not really the same thing. The phrase ‘Detailing’ has become a catch-all term for the whole process of meticulously cleaning your car but For those who want a spotlessly clean and shining […]

How to clean alloy wheels

How to clean alloy wheels Alloy wheel choice can make or break the overall look of a car but they’re a highly personal thing. Whatever your taste, one thing is for sure, dirty wheels simply will not do! So what is the best alloy wheel cleaner and what is the best way to clean your […]

Pre Wash & Snow Foam Guide

Snow foam and / or Pre-Wash are the first steps taken to thoroughly clean your car. It’s not recommended you use it to replace a shampoo and mitt wash. No shortcuts! And you wouldn’t normally use pre-wash and snow foam, it’s usually one or the other. But we all love playing with Snowfoam! Pre washing is a […]