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Get the Best Choice for New Car Finishing Products Online

Car Finishing

So, are you done with the car cleaning process? If the answer is yes then you should also opt for a perfect car finishing. If it’s no, then also you need to read on for gathering knowing about how to make your car look stylish and class-apart. Now, coming back to the car cleaning and […]

A Day in The Life Of a Professional Detailer: Valeting With Mirror Image Detailing

Valeting With Mirror Image Detailing

The process of getting your car valeted is not one most people know anything about…all we all know is that the car goes in dirty and it comes out clean! But what goes on behind the scenes? We’re going to take you on a little day trip and show you guys just how much time […]

Collinite Detailing Products FAQ

collinite ireland detailing products faq

The way Collinite have chosen to name and market their detailing products for over 75 years doesn’t really help you identify what each product’s purpose is, if you’re new to the brand …it’s one of those ‘you just know’ kinda things! If you’ve landed here and it’s not because of a personal recommendation from one […]

Collinite Detailing Products Selector Guide

collinite ireland car detailing products

Here at Detailing Emporium we’re extremely proud to be Ireland’s sole distributor of Collinite detailing products. Collinite has been around since 1936 and they take a very different approach to their products and their marketing. Collinite’s range is extremely small with only 6 products on the Automotive side (they also do a small range of […]

Pre Wash & Snow Foam Guide

Snow foam and / or Pre-Wash are the first steps taken to thoroughly clean your car. It’s not recommended you use it to replace a shampoo and mitt wash. No shortcuts! And you wouldn’t normally use pre-wash and snow foam, it’s usually one or the other. But we all love playing with Snowfoam! Pre washing is a […]